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“Hamari Zameen Hamara Farz”
The environment is the most important aspect of our society, which unfortunately, is being neglected. Our actions are majorly without any consideration of the environmental sustainability. As students of LUMS, and citizens of the world, we at LUMS Environmental Action Forum (LEAF) passionately work towards saving the depleting environment. We consider it our duty to give back to the society through preserving the ecosystem with everyone and everything within it.



LIFE is the major event of LEAF that takes place in March. The event focuses on raising awareness of real-life issues faced all over Pakistan.... Read More

Plantation Drives

Amidst the depleting environmental conditions and ever-increasing pollution, LEAF takes a step towards the conservation and preservation of nature by organizing and participating actively.... Read More

Awareness Campaign

The main reason why our environment is at risk in the first place is the lack of awareness among the population. With beaches and parks being littered, deforestation becoming a norm, it is high time.... Read More

Cleanliness Drives

LEAF organizes cleanliness drives on and off campus with plans to launch these campaigns in different cities in order to make the environment around us cleaner and hence, healthier.... Read More


Trees Planted

Plantation Drives Report

LEAF runs its Plantation Drives in different areas of Pakistan where there are scarcity of trees. We welcome every volunteer to be a part of this campaign, and become a part of LEAF Family!

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